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Our Procedure

Our service for demolition and fill of in-ground pools is a complete package including:

  • Free telephone discussion

  • Free inspection and evaluation-if required

  • Free planning, estimating, written quote and explanation

  • Detailed contract with fixed price

  • Fixed starting date

  • Permit application and or drawings prepared- upon owners request

  • Fences and shrubs removed and either replaced if possible or disposed of as needed

  • Placement of temporary construction fence while work is in process.

  • Utilities disconnected by a Certified Technician

  • Pool pumped dry (into the city clean-out system to be processed in proper Water Treatment Facilities)

  • Removal from site of all pool equipment: wood, plastic

  • Drainage holes are jack hammered through the pool bottom at deep end of pool (according to city requirements)

  • Inspection by local building department

  • Placement of 8’-inches of ¾ drain rock over drainage holes in pool floor (if required)

  • All standard clean concrete from pool decking is broken into pieces and used in the backfilling process if allowed, or hauled away if required.

  • Pool hole filled with soil from a new site dig (no waste or soil from commercial sites)

  • All imported fill dirt for pool will be wheel packed or compacted to the desired sub grade

  • Screened top soil amendments applied -upon owners request

Our Techniques

There are several different approaches to pool removal and backfill. Each one will have specific requirements that must be followed. This important information is located in the worksheet handout that is provided by the city where the work will be performed. All Bay Pool Removal will gladly provide you with this information as we walk you through the permit process. It is important that you have a general understanding of the procedures prior to making your decision. All Bay Pool Removal will walk you through the process from beginning to end and is committed to giving you quality and timely service.

Every pool is different but there are only three basic techniques for pool removal. The criteria for choosing the technique that is right for your pool will depend on:

  • City requirements

  • The type of swimming pool you have

  • The desired finished product you want to achieve

  • Budget

Technique 1

  • Utilities

  • Drain water

  • Jackhammer drainage holes through pool bottom, place 8 inches of 3/4-inch drain rock over holes (if required).

  • Truck in and tractor back enough clean fill dirt to fill pool to the natural sub- grade in preparation for your new landscape design.

  • With this technique, most often the entire pool shell and decking is left in place and the new landscape design is incorporated to fit the existing yard landscaping. This technique is for non-buildable and landscaping purposes only and offers no engineered compaction. This method tire-packs the fill area. Note: this technique is not allowed in some cities.

Technique 2 (The Cave-In Technique)

  • Utilities

  • Drain water

  • Jackhammer drainage holes through bottom to city drainage and hole size requirements. Add 8 inches of 3/4-inch drain rock over holes (if required).

  • “Cave-in” the pool side walls to 12-24 inches below the existing grade. Bend over or cut out steel reinforcement/rebar in cement spoils from side walls. The debris from the cave-in is then buried with the remaining pool shell and left in the pool bottom to act as a drainage bed for the new soil that is added. With this technique special attention is given to filling up all voids and tightly packing the pool area with soil.

  • This method tire-packs the fill area. Note: this technique is accepted in most cities but may not be accepted in others.

Technique 3

  • The entire pool shell, all rebar material and demolished concrete, Gunite, and pool equipment are removed from the site entirely, leaving only the raw cut excavated crater from the original pool excavation.

  • Fill the remaining hole with compactable fill thus returning the yard to its pre-pool state.

Note: If you are planning to use the area for a new load bearing building or to dig a new modern swimming pool you will need to obtain a compaction report from a licensed soil engineer certifying that the area has been compacted to 90-95% according to city specifications.